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Great, but before you get a survey quote, are you sure you understand which  survey you need, as the next step will involve selecting the type of survey you want? If not click here to go to the page that explains the differences in the three different RICS Home Surveys. 

Go and do that  now, and I'll wait here for you...

Back...  great!

Your next step is pretty straight forward, but please take a few minutes to read through the process below,  that way you'll know what to expect:

  1. The first step is to click on the “Get a Survey Quote” button at the bottom of this page, which will take you our booking portal. You’ll then have two choices, either to book a Level 2 Homebuyer Survey (without a valuation) or a Level 2 Homebuyer Survey with a valuation (I don't currently offer Level 1 or Level 3 surveys). If you're still not sure if a Level 2 Homebuyer survey is right for the property you're buying you can request a call back here. If you request a quote and we think a Level 2 Homebuyer survey isn't appropriate we'll get in contact and let you know.

  2. In the next stage you’ll be asked to fill out a few details for the property to be surveyed  (not  your current property), such as the address, the purchase price or estimated value of the property, number of bedrooms, the type of property (so terraced, semi-detached, detached etc.), what the tenure is (if you know it, typically in N.I. it'll be either leasehold or freehold). There's also a section for any other information that you think may be relevant. This is a good place to list any concerns you may have about the property that you want to bring to my attention prior to doing the survey.

  3. Then the system will ask for your name, contact number and email, after which you just hit the “Get Quote” button. We'll then have a look at the property online and prepare a quotation. When your quote's ready you'll receive an email advising you to click on a link to create an account and password to allow you to access our portal and retrieve your quote. Creating a portal account will allow you log in at any time to check on the progress of your survey, send messages to and receive messages from your surveyor and upload andy supporting documents you may want to share with us.

  4. If you’re happy with the quote, you simply hit the “Book Now” button.

  5. We’ll prepare the relevant paperwork and you'll get an email asking you to "Review the Documents". Simply click the “Review Document” button within the email and you’ll be taken to the Survey paperwork. Then follow the prompts to fill out the relevant details and sign the bottom of the report by simply typing your name and choosing a signature font. This is all be done online without the need to print anything out, scan any documents or email them back. 

  6. As soon as you submit the paperwork we'll review it and accept it. You'll then receive a copy of the signed paperwork which you can save for your records.

  7. You’ll then receive an electronic invoice for the job, which needs to be paid before we can release or discuss your report. You can either pay there and then with a card or bank transfer, or you can defer payment until closer to the date of survey.

  8. Once we have an appointment confirmed we’ll let you know the survey date.

  9. On the day of the survey we’ll let you know that we either got into the house ok, OR we had to reschedule it for whatever reason (although having to reschedule is pretty rare).

  10. Finally when your report is ready (typically by the close of business the day after survey), we’ll give you a call to run through our main findings before making your digital copy available within the portal.

Request a Quote:

Hopefully all the above makes sense and all that remains is to click the button below and we'll get a survey quote sent as soon as possible.

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